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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hey guys! My name is Alex and I love sharing about wellness and health. It’s basically my nerd-out moment anytime someone wants to chat about health. I love lifestyle medicine and sharing knowledge about ways we can use our choices with our lives each day to live optimally well. I received a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health at Metropolitan State University in Denver and this changed my life! My education allowed me to tap into the parts of my health I never realized I could grow such a passion for. I try my best to lead a holistic life and practice with intention when it comes to physical movement, diet, my spirituality, my job, relationships, and other choices I get to make for my life that directly affect my health.

Lifestyle medicine involves everything we do each day to stay healthy. I feel that this practice is used by everyone even when we are unaware of it. Clean eating, movement, spiritual practice, stress reduction, all lifestyle medicine. We even make choices that have huge impacts on our health like avoiding smoking, wearing our seat belt, avoiding alcohol or drugs, even how we contribute to the environment around us. Kindness and how we interact with others, taking moments to take a deep breath, educating and advocating on world issues and choosing to make a difference are all lifestyle medicine. Each day is filled with many choices and many obstacles but when we try to choose for the good, this is living well. This blog will be a great way to share various health topics that relate to the many dimensions of wellness. I am excited to share about wellness and through Light On Yoga’s platform. This yoga studio has brought so much love and I look forward to giving just a little back.

Written By Alex Taylor

Health Ambassador

Yoga 2 Barre Teacher


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