Stimulate the Chakras: A Simple Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils help to feed our body and minds with beautiful blends that create forms of sensory changes that can affect mood, health, immunity, and of course spirituality. We can use essential oils in aromatherapy with a diffuser, in food like lime essential oil in guacamole or lemon oil in your water, and topically with carrier oils like almond and coconut oil. Some of you may have attended Light on Yoga Fitness’ Eat the Rainbow Workshop. In the workshop Cathy Lighton covered the chakra system and how we can eat foods that help stimulate those levels through their color, texture, and the senses they bring through memories and our inner experience. We also covered essential oils and how they too can mimic these effects on the body and mind and connect to the chakras. Essential oils are unique in that they can be experienced differently for each person. Although some oils represent a specific sensory like lavender, this oil being known for its calming and relaxing effects, and can be effective in stimulating the crown and heart chakras. However, it is important to remember there is of course no perfect science when it comes to the oils and I have simply created a guide to start from if you are new to essential oils. The greatest connection to the oils is the one you create on your own through your own experience. There is no right or wrong!

The chakra system has 7 levels with two sections focusing on spiritual chakras and the others our physical chakras. The idea is that with true divine connection over time we work through each chakra system starting at the bottom and work our way up to the source or the highest crown chakra enabling us to fully connect to our highest self. This is known as the Kundalini and achieving our travel upward to discover our most authentic self.

The system starts at the bottom, in the physical section, with the root chakra. This chakra is represented with the color red and is our deeper life connector chakra. The root chakra holds our family, feelings of safety and grounding, our connection to the rooted self and the physical world around us that creates a connected experience to the physical world. Oils that help stimulate this chakra are tea tree (think of the shape of a tree being rooted and grounding), rosemary (promoting security), and Frankincense (a connection to nature and the physical world).

Next is the sacral chakra represented with the color orange. Our sacral chakra embodies our pelvic floor with sexual drive, our connection to the womb space and life for women, some of our confidence and where much trauma can be held. The sacral chakra has a fluidity to it and where we can see a connection to our concept of water. We can stimulate and work this chakra with the eucalyptus essential oil as it is known to restore vitality and open a room to breathe within the body allowing for a growth in confidence. Pine is also a helpful oil here as it can help with forgiveness and self-acceptance, perhaps this would be beneficial in cases of trauma associated with this space.

The next chakra is the solar plexus represented with the color yellow. Solar Plexus associates our motivation and drive. We see a lot of our “fire” here to get things done and satisfy our needs and goals. Blockages in this chakra can affect time management and completing goals, even confidence to move forward with plans and commitments. Lime and lemon essential oils are uplifting and cleansing which can help to propel awakening and motivation. Grapefruit is a citrus that aids self-confidence so it is also a great example of drive and satisfaction.

Moving up the body system to the spiritual chakras we move to the heart. The heart is green and represents a middle ground between the two chakra systems of physical and spiritual levels. Stimulating the heart chakra can be helpful to all the systems because when we stimulate the heart, we can more easily open the other chakras. This is a great metaphor for life in general…if our heart is open and filled with love, the rest of the world comes easily. The heart chakra loves the oil lavender. Lavender is also known to be a base note. Base notes, when blending oils together, create a solid sent that is always recognizable even when blended with other oils. Lavender is a great base note to use with almost any essential oil. Bergamot is a beautiful heart chakra stimulator because it is known for aiding in compassion. One of my favorite oils is sweet orange. Sweet orange is a yummy oil that is well blended but also literally can create a smile on your face. Orange is known to be the “happy oil” and the feel-good oil. Orange is used in many flavors for children because of its safe and easy-going nature. Use Sweet orange if you need a quick pick me up throughout your day.

Following the heart is the throat chakra represented in blue. The throat is our authenticity, our truth. When we have a blockage here we are quiet or feel a lack of confidence to say what we mean. Perhaps at work or with our partner; we have something we need to say but feel a block to feel understood and heard. The throat is also where we practice being good listeners and know when to listen instead of speaking. This chakra is sometimes a challenge for many of us and is a difficult one to find balance with. Peppermint oil acts on the ego and can help dispel pride, helpful when it comes to our compassion in words we speak. Of course, eucalyptus is an intuitive oil for the throat as we have learned how beneficial it is in aiding respiratory and throat ailments. Grapefruit again is also wonderful here to raise confidence. Perhaps use a few drops here before a big speech or before that meeting at work.

The third eye chakra or our intuition, is an indigo color. This chakra is stimulated a lot in our yoga practice to open that intuitive thinking and create a space for alternative perspectives. When we are open and have a genuine connection to our third eye chakra we are closer to reaching our higher self and connection to the divine. This intuitive chakra can be opened with oils like rosemary, promoting clarity, frankincense and very intuitive oil of nature, and patchouli. Patchouli is notably used as the “perfume of the hippie” and its scent is almost always recognizable. Patchouli is fantastic for its guidance in psychic experience connection to the spiritual path.

Finally, we reach the crown chakra. The crown is represented with the color purple or sometimes white. The divine, the authentic connection to self and our higher power. The crown chakra of course loves patchouli, frankincense, and also myrrh and rose. Once we reach this chakra the system begins to move back to the beginning with the root and back up. This is an ever explorative and achievable system within ourselves.

There are many more essential oils that can be blended and used for all of these blockages. If you don’t already have a set of oils I recommend ordering a starter set and play around with your own blends and see what works for you. The most important part of oils is buying those that are at a therapeutic grade. This ensures that they are extracted with the highest quality and are used for aromatherapy. You can look more into specific extraction methods and learn about distilling oils from plants and fruits to have a better understanding of their quality. Of course, just like anything you consume through food or smell buying organic is a great idea to ensure the best quality of cleanliness and safety. Good brands are doTerra, Young Living, Now, and amazon has other brands that are decently priced that have organic options. Happy diffusing!

ROOT: -Tea Tree-Rosemary-Frankincense-

SACRAL: -Eucalyptus-Pine-

SOLAR PLEXUS: -Lime-Lemon-Grapefruit-

HEART: -Lavender-Bergamot-Sweet Orange-

THROAT: -Peppermint-Eucalyptus-Grapefruit-

THIRD EYE: -Rosemary-Frankincense-Patchouli-

CROWN: -Patchouli-Frankincense-Myrrh-Rose-

Written By: Alex Taylor Health Ambassador Yoga 2 Barre Teacher at Light On Yoga Fitness

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