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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

“Human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water. Please remember that water comprises over 70% of the mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life…”- S. Sharp

As I sit and write this blog today it is raining. One of the first slight drizzles in a few days here. There is change in the world and many scary and confusing things are happening around us. When the rain came, even just a little, felt as though we were being cleansed. This ability of water to cleanse and provide life is beautiful and perhaps taken for granted. The rain forces less movement, more silence, and a chance for solitude wherever you are to be still.

Now more than ever we are all tuning into our connection to ourselves, other people in our world, and our earth and environment. Many have said this is the Earth’s moment to remind us of how important our connection and frequencies together are. Perhaps this is indeed a time of profound recognition of how life and our love for each other can affect everything around us. In times of need and suffering we come together, we help our neighbors, and we hold our dear ones closer to our hearts. Although we are dealing with an intense time and there is so much pain in the world, we can also use this as a time of understanding. We can create a perception of more positivity and recognition of all the good happening around us. In this short period of isolation so far, I have seen an abundance of love and kindness just in my neighborhood let alone around the world and through the voices of those I have previously missed opportunities to connect with. Our society is remembering the simplest of times like helping your neighbor get food, checking in on the phone with someone you haven’t heard from in a while, having an infinite amount of time with your pets or your children, reclaiming hobbies and creativity we usually have limited time for, enjoying this beautiful weather, and seeing all of this amazing grass and vegetation grow from its dormancy through winter. The list goes on… We have this rare opportunity to look into what we may have neglected for too long...love and kindness, rest, activity, lack of excess spending and unnecessary material distractions, even time spent at home; silence. In this time lets also remember our infinite connection to everything in our world. We are all connected. Our bodies literally respond to each other and the environment around us. We respond to our neighbor’s simple displays of kindness and humbleness, and we reflect this pattern to others we can help. This is the law of attraction: like attracts like. When we give love we get love.

Researchers study the ideas of frequencies and vibrational harmonies that literally affect everything down to a single cell and therefore the entire body of everyone and everything on the earth. When we have such a connected environment, each disruption in this musical creation create a negative vibration that bounces off of each other. We can also create beautiful positive frequencies with love. Water experiences this as well. Water picks up negativity through contamination and mistreatment. It can hold onto positivity through clear and pure movement with care and consideration.

Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the consciousness of water and showed how this tiny structure holds a literal representation of emotion, frequency and vibration, just like us. He studied through experiments how affected “life” is to everything around us. One study showed pictures of isolated water droplets that came from clean and pure streams and rivers and those that came from decontaminated and neglected water sources. His pictures showed the difference in the visual structure of the water being beautiful and harmonious, or not. He also studied the affects that true love and positive emotion and vibration could have on the water droplets. Water that was prayed upon or shown love were a beautiful crystalline structure while negatively treated water looked actually sad and depressed with its structure lacking and un geometric.

"A group of people were asked to project onto a flask of water in front of them very positive emotions like love, tenderness and concern. Then the flask was replaced with another one and people were asked to project emotions of a different type: fear, aggression, hatred. After this, measurements were taken on the samples. The water exhibited changes that were clearly in one direction or another. So love increases water's energy levels and stabilizes the water while aggressive emotions reduce the energy and make radical changes in the water. I hope to show people through my research that water has a memory of it's own" - Masaru Emoto

This sacred geometry presents itself in the design of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and other natural phenomena of life. We have to be more in tune to these frequencies and understand that they in fact have complete authority over the health of the world around us. When we begin to see this connection, we can create a balanced and complete circle of love, or otherwise seen as the sacred geometric flower. In times like these there is so much pain and uncertainty through the suffering, however, what we do have control over is the vibration we send out to each other. Notice the deeper, more sincere connections between people and living things when we turn back to nature and recognize our connection. When we come back down to a level of humbleness and we are removed from the daily matrix of the routine of work, plans, money and too often hate; we have an opportunity of a rare slow pace where we can see more clearly the things that matter in life. Simply living home and alone is acknowledged and amplified in these times; our vulnerability and how precious every moment is...our connections to other people and this earth we have the pleasure to inhabit, how amazing that we get this chance to be and live! We can take a step back and enjoy the environment around us from the simplicity of our back yard or front porch and how beautifully simple it all is.

We have this limited chance to get closer to ourselves too…with solitude comes reflection and opportunities for peace. We reflect on our bodies and perhaps notice sensations we don’t normally have a moment to acknowledge like our need for rest. This is an amazing time to take rest when we would normally being going 100 miles a minute. I am sure many have had so much time to chat on the phone with friends and family. I feel like I usually have to literally plan out my week around phone calls and keeping up with people I care for and now I have all of this time for this connection. There is no timeline right now so lets use this to reflect and appreciate everything we have from the warm weather, that pollen that is annoying us, and the chance to get to know your neighbor. A chance to get to know ourselves more and to show unlimited love.

"What I believe is that water can differentiate between a harmonious vibration and a non-harmonious vibration. and as it does that, that result manifests in the design of the crystal being beautiful or not." We are water; fluid and full of life. We are capable of healing and capable of pure infinite love when we open our channels to one another. When we are filled with love, we can be like the crystal, beautiful and remarkable.

Be well everyone.


Yoga Instructor at Light On Yoga Fitness

Health and Wellness Advocate

+Watch this video of Dr. Emoto's visual captures of water and about some of his work in understanding the consciousness of water.


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